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Today is my birthday

Posted by udienz on June 04, 2008 · 1 min read

June 4th a boy Called Mahyuddin Susanto was born from great Mother and Father. Today he’s 23 years old, he wish he’ll realized her dream, tomorrow better than yesterday.

Many thanks to Allah SWT, Muhammad SAW, My (lovely) Parents, all my friends, my families, my sister, my brother, My Organization, Ubuntu-id Team, BlankOn linux team, Dewalinux Team, Debian-id Team, Informatics unit University of Jember, Muhammdiyah Students Accociation. and the last but not the least a someone who bring all his life to me (at the past time) and make me like at this time.

My Happy Birthday shirt from InterMilan

hehehehe, dapet langsung dari InterMilan