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Hello world

Posted by udienz on June 15, 2008 · 2 mins read


if you read this post it’s mean that i’

m approved to be Ubuntu member, and this post appear into Planet Ubuntu. Currently Indonesia have 4 member of Ubuntu member he is imtheface, Belutz, Takdir and me, Belutz and imtheface is founder ubuntu-id, me and Takdir just participant and help both person.

Thanks to Belutz, RameTux, Takdir, Amachu, persia, lifeless, Ekushy, Zakame, and all ubuntu board member who approved and supported me! I’

m so glad!

here is the log:

12:32 Belutz for all his contributions for ubuntu-id I could give him +1 12:32 lifeless so, any more questions to ask ? 12:32 lifeless (I have none) 12:32 elkbuntu nor i. +1 12:33 persia +1 from me, although I’d like to see more of the various projects more integrated with Ubuntu 12:33 amachu__ neither too.. thats fair enough +1 12:33 amachu__ neither me too.. * elkbuntu agrees with persia 12:33 amachu__ zakame: there? * udienz- still waiting 12:34 lifeless +1 12:35 lifeless persia: I agree re the projects, but I think that that is largely orthogonal; he is contributing both directly and indirectly 12:35 udienz- lifeless: thanks… 12:36 Belutz the problem in our country is that we still focus in gathering more FOSS users than FOSS developers, how can they be a developer if they doesn’t use it 12:36 zakame +1 on the translation works, keep it up 12:36 persia lifeless: Entirely. I believe udienz- deserves membership based on the strength of LoCo work and translations. I’d still like to see this membership used to help transition ubuntume and BlankOn into in-repo derivatives. 12:36 amachu__ persia: i too would stress on that, overall Ok * Belutz congrats udienz- 12:37 udienz- hihihi * RameTux congrats udienz- 12:37 amachu__ udienz-: Welcome 12:37 Ekushey congrats udienz- 12:37 lifeless congrats


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