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Ubuntu Classroom #1 at Engineering Faculty

Posted by udienz on July 23, 2008 · 1 min read

Saturday 19th, 7pm at Engineering Faculty Jember universty we made basic training about ubuntu. we made class in the night because many student have another class in the morning. in this clas we have 2 mentors, me and Ashadebi (from Debian Indonesia).

We studied dual boot installation and make connection to repositories server. This class sponsored by Jerux (Jember Linux) and Engineering faculty. many students at engineering faculty have gigantic spirit to sudiying linux speciallu Ubuntu and Debian :D.

Next meeting in engineering faculty at 27th July 2008 at 7pm and will dicussing about installation and basic terminal


hey look’s at the picture! he is ashadebi


we have 15 participant at here.