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Lenny di rilis?

Posted by udienz on February 15, 2009 · 1 min read


Apakah Debian lenny benar-benar di rilis? entahlah, jika merujuk di milis debian-announce belum ada berita resmi rilis lenny menjadi stable, hanya yang jadi membingungkan saya adalah di website debian, stable masih merujuk ke etch. Namun di mirror debian saya cek stable merujuk ke lenny dan etch merujuk ke oldstable,  membingungkan?

Sudahlah kita kutip dari sini:

Adeodato Simó, on behalf of the release team, sent a [release update]( about the upcoming release of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Lenny, which might be released during the weekend of 14 February 2009. With the recent [second release candidate]( of the debian-installer for lenny, the archive has now gone into deep freeze, which means that only packages fixing release critical bugs will be allowed to enter Lenny. People wanting to help can fix these bugs, test the debian-installer, or help with the [release notes](

Dari dari sini:

I just finished most of my jobs for the Lenny release. I started, together with Mark Hymers, at 10:23 UTC. This was ahead schedule, which said 12:00 UTC, but better early than late. After disabling all our ftpmaster cronjobs, setting up our work environment and whatever else we needed and at 10:43 UTC we got the Release Teams GO. All of what we did got logged from screen, as we intend to write a dak tool doing such releases.

Ya sudahlah saya anggap sudah di rilis :D dan saya mengucapkan “Selamat atas di rilisnya debian!”, Debian ROCK!