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Request for review

Posted by udienz on February 04, 2011 · 1 min read

Hello all, i need your comments or suggest at my package. this package is very usefull in my Ubuntu-ID Loco, if you have enough time i would be happy if you reviewing it. or sponsoring it to Ubuntu archive


Description: Indonesian English dictionary that contain 23000 words and definitions. helping yo to understanding a words in English and Indonesian


License: GPLv2

REVU Link:

Lintian clear


Description: Internet cafe billing solutions for professional company. Written under C, and GTK+. Using SQlite for database management. Feautures:

  1. Support IPv4.

  2. Multithread (per-client thread).

  3. Database oriented with SQlite.

  4. Support NTP.

  5. Suppport logging with CSV.

  6. Full Access from server.

  7. Recovery system from power loss, system crash.

  8. User Authentications.

  9. Chatting from/to operators. - etc.


License: GPLv2

Revu Link: and

Lintian clear

Do you want to reviewing?

Thanks before, you can get this source by:

  • Visit REVU link each Source Package

  • You can see dsc files, thats right we need this to download, example:

    dget dpkg-source -x gbilling-client_0.3.1-rc1-1.dsc

Thanks before